What is embedded recruitment and how does it work?  

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What is embedded recruitment and how does it work?  

An embedded talent function is an external recruitment team who embed into your in-house function to manage elements of, or the entire, recruitment process.  

In most cases, embedded talent is another way of describing outsourced recruitment. However, some embedded talent partners physically place a member, or members of their team, within the client’s location.  

Picture an internal team in all its glory, but on an outsourced arrangement.  

Who is embedded recruitment for? 

Embedded recruitment is a popular solution for businesses who: 

Are not quite at the stage to employ their own in-house recruitment team.  

recruitment services for small and medium businesses

Need short-term support to scale up their in-house function to meet the needs of a new contract or project.

Need to relieve existing staff of recruitment duties, allowing them to return to their own function – such as HR.  

This style of outsourced recruitment supports a range of businesses from start-ups, to small and medium businesses. We’ve worked with teams as small as 20, up to teams of 1,500+. 

The benefits of embedded talent 

You decide how long you need us for 

An Embedded talent subscription is arranged by your business, to suit your needs. You can decide exactly how long you need the support for, whether that be a short-term 6 month arrangement to cover volume recruitment for contract or project, or years to work with your business plan.  

 Ability to scale up or down 

Managing recruitment in-house means that you’re responsible for scaling up your team to suit the needs of the business. However, with recruitment there are often fluctuations in your hiring. With an in-house team you would need to manage the scaling down of your resource, resulting in possible redundancies. On an outsourced arrangement, we can scale up or down your embedded talent to suit the needs of your business easily.  

Access all areas 

Using an embedded recruitment partner means that you not only get access to a fully-fledged team, but also everything that comes with that, such as: 

  • An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to manage all vacancies and candidate communication.  
  • Job board subscriptions.  
  • An employer branding specialist.* 
  • Your very own careers site designed and hosted by your team.* 

*services are part of The Outsourced Recruitment Company’s offering, but may not be applicable for other embedded recruitment solutions.  

Fixed monthly cost 

Forget hefty percentage placement fees! Embedded recruitment doesn’t operate on the same model as traditional recruitment agencies. Instead, we calculate your overall subscription cost and agree on a monthly payment.  

Our recruiters are paid to recruit 

Sounds silly doesn’t it, but it’s true. We don’t expect our recruiters to spend their time winning new business, which is often the case for agencies. This means that you get access to a recruitment team focused entirely on the recruitment process and candidate journey.  

Cost savings 

Partnering with an embedded recruitment provider is often cheaper than recruiting your own in-house team when you consider the following: 

save money with embedded recruitment, The Outsourced Recruitment Company
  • Salary of recruitment staff (including benefits package, onboarding and equipment). 
  • Ongoing training and development costs.  
  • Cost of an ATS to manage the recruitment process.  
  • Job board subscription fees and sourcing software.  
  • Employer branding specialist (including benefits package, onboarding and equipment).  
  • Cost to design and host a careers site.  

The cons of embedded talent solutions 

You need to get onboard 

An embedded recruitment partner will come on board and bring their experience and skills. However, this may mean that you need to make changes to your current process for this to work efficiently and deliver great candidate experience. If you’re not willing to take advice and work in true partnership, then it’s likely the relationship won’t work.  

All good things come to an end 

Outsourced/embedded recruitment is often on a short-term basis, even if your contract runs for a few years. Eventually, your business will grow to a size where you are in a position to recruit your own team. Whilst we support this process and give a thorough handover and training, it does mean that you’ll have a spike in outgoing costs at this period when you factor in new employee salaries, equipment, software and associated costs.  

It’s not for everyone 

Whilst an embedded recruitment model works for many businesses, it won’t be everyone’s preference or budget. There’s a market out there for everyone, whether you need outsourced recruitment, to employ your own team, use an agency or can’t afford those options and will continue to juggle amongst your existing team.  

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