How does managing your employer brand help with recruitment?

Are you thinking to yourself ‘why am I struggling to recruit’? Did you know that managing your employer brand can help with recruitment? 

It’s a classic scenario, you’re either getting lots of applications that aren’t right, or you’re not attracting anyone. Both can be helped with the development and management of your employer brand.  

In a competitive job market, developing and defining your employer brand is more important than ever.

What is your employer brand and why is it important?

This question may seem familiar, and that’s because we’ve already issued a blog on what your employer brand is and why it’s important. Take a look here to find out all the important details. 

Now you’re up to speed, let’s talk about how managing your employer brand can help with the recruitment of new staff.  

Source: Indeed Talent Attraction Study

Attract the right people 

By managing your employer brand, you will have an idea of the type of people you want to work for you. From what skills they have, to where they are in their career journey and what values they hold.  

Once you’ve narrowed this down by building a candidate persona [a description of your ideal candidate based on research], you can start tailoring messages and content to attract your ideal future employee.  

The beauty of communicating exactly who you are as employers is that you start grabbing the attention of passive job seekers.

Did you know that passive job seekers make up 70% of the workforce, by attracting them you’re instantly increasing your audience from the 30% of active job seekers.  

One of the things hiring managers struggle with is receiving lots of applications from people who aren’t a right fit culturally. Manging your employer brand effectively should help to filter out those people. You will also attract job seekers who really want to work for you, not just people who have sent their CV off 50 times already that morning! 

Save money 

Did you know the having a distinctive employer brand can actually save you money? 

By standing out from the crowd and becoming an employer of choice, it’s likely you will be contacted by people looking to work for you – even if you aren’t hiring! A pipeline of interested parties means that you won’t need to go through the whole recruitment process. 

Investing and managing your employer brand involves understanding your employees and their needs. By actively doing this and looking after your staff, you will improve retention rates therefore reducing the overall hiring costs.  

While we always advocate paying staff a fair wage that they deserve, sometimes other running costs mean that you aren’t able to pay as much as your competitors. Being an employer of choice will attract candidates who are looking for more than just a high salary. Job hunting has changed since the pandemic, workers are re-evaluating what is important to them. Benefits like flexible working and a healthy work-life balance are overtaking salary in the list of importance.

Source: Careerbuilder