How to move up the career ladder

How to move up the career ladder

Have you been asking yourself; “how can I get a promotion?” or “what do I need to do to move up the career ladder?”. This might be the blog for you. 

Do you feel stuck in your career and aren’t sure what your next steps look like? Do you dream of climbing that classic ‘corporate ladder’ but don’t know where to start? Fear not, The Outsourced Recruitment Company are here for you. Check out our top tips to get you that promotion you’ve been looking for and reaching for what you deserve.

Know your goals, but give yourself a break

The first step to moving up the career ladder is knowing where you are trying to get to, set clear goals for yourself. The problem, however with setting goals, is the feeling of disappointment when you don’t achieve them on the first try. It’s a cliché but it’s true, Rome wasn’t built in a day, so neither does your career need to be. Give yourself a break, you tried and that’s a great first step – let failure drive your passion to succeed. It’s not worth beating yourself up about, just get up and try again! 

Work smarter, not harder

Let’s be clear, we aren’t saying don’t work hard. Working hard is important, but working smart is crucial. Make sure you’re using your time effectively and focusing on your prioritised tasks – take a minute to know what they are. Break down your working day into multiple parts; use the first hour to set up your schedule and sort any urgent items on the agenda (we can’t always plan everything to a tee). Wiggle room is essential for success. Booking yourself back-to-back means that you don’t have time to evaluate or prepare, both of which are as crucial as the thing itself. 

Take breaks – schedule them. Your brain needs rest to function at its best, not just the 8-hours sleep we’ve all been told we need, breaks are needed throughout the day. Take a screen break and stretch your legs, grab a quick cuppa or water refill and check in with your colleagues, how are they – what did they have for dinner last night? 

Social breaks, such as chatting with your peers, have also been found to be beneficial. Social interactions allow you to share your experiences and feel part of a group.
Source: The Wellbeing Thesis

Never stop learning

Every day is a school day. Everybody benefits from your learning. You gain more knowledge, your employer gets additional skills and your team gets the extra experience shared with them. Learning is everywhere… if you’re looking for it. Take courses or lessons online. Does your employer have a fund aside to upskill workers or are there free courses available that you could attend? Attend conferences or exhibitions. They often have experienced individuals or guest speakers that you can pick the brains of or just listen and learn from. Read books and articles or do research, it’ll help you keep up-to-date on industry trends and news whilst expanding your knowledge pool. 

In general, continuous learning shows commitment to your field, proving your capability to your employer and filling you with the knowledge that will help your career path over time. 

Always say hello, keep meeting new people

Networking is the key to many opportunities. Often we hear stories of how professionals met and utilise each other’s services for years to come, if the partnership is right. Opportunities to network are all around us. Attend networking events for your industry or in your local community, join professional groups and remember to connect with everyone you meet on LinkedIn. It’s important to keep in mind that networking is a two-way relationship. Don’t just network with the intention of finding out what these people can do for you. Build working and genuine relationships and keep others in mind, always.

According to HubSpot, 85% of jobs are filled through networking. In fact, according to LinkedIn, 70% of jobs are never published publicly.
Source: The Diversity Dashboard

Find yourself a mentor

A mentor can support you and provide guidance and valuable advice as you navigate your career journey. Anyone can be your mentor as long as they empower you and lift you. It’s always worth looking for someone who is experienced within your field and who you admire. It’s a privilege to be asked to mentor someone generally it could be considered a validation that is often appreciated. Never be afraid to ask for help – most people are happy to lend a hand. 

Stay positive and be professional

A positive attitude and professional charisma has the power to take you far in your career. Empathy and willingness are characteristics that good employers look for when they are trying to find their next prodigy or move their team up the career ladder and encourage personal growth. Always be respectful to others, even if you disagree with them, and don’t let setbacks get you down. A positive outlook can make all the difference to somebody’s perception of you and your intentions. 

Be brave, take a risk

Sometimes, taking risks can lead to great rewards. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Who knows, it could be the opportunity that propels you up the career ladder. If you don’t take risks, you’re letting the unknown stop you from achieving your full potential.

30% of British people said they regret not asking for a promotion. 42% of women aged 18-34 said this was their main regret.
Source: International Career Institute

Let’s just say, moving up the career ladder takes time, dedication and a little bit of luck. Get out there and take a risk. Make the most of the support you have and always strive to be the best you can be. Make a pathway and get climbing the ladder to the career of your dreams, the sky is the limit!

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