One of our clients isn’t renewing with us!

One of our clients isn’t renewing with us!

One of our clients isn’t renewing with us and we are happy about it!

Yes, you read that right, one of our clients of 12 months will not be renewing our services.

Why are we posting about it?

Basically, we have worked ourselves out of a job. We’ve completed all of their recruitment and growth needs, as planned, across their subscription period.

So for now, we wind down on our services and we’ll support them on a smaller scale from the sidelines until they need us again and until that time comes, we’ll revel in this wonderful review.

“I know that reviews are sometimes hammed up or slightly contrived but what I’m about to write is 100% true and genuine.

This team are really good. The Outsourced Recruitment Company have been super easy to work with; attentive, thorough, fun, flexible & professional.

When we agreed on our package I believed that it represented good value for money. With the benefit of hindsight, the agreement was fantastic value for money. 

We have found some really good people and our recruitment brand has improved significantly. Compared to traditional recruitment companies, they are streets ahead”

– Carl Pickup, Peter Cook International

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