When is the Right Time to Evaluate Your Recruitment Options? 

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When is the Right Time to Evaluate Your Recruitment Options?

As a business owner, you juggle multiple tasks and responsibilities. Recruiting the right talent is crucial but can be incredibly time-consuming and challenging. So, when is the right time to evaluate your recruitment options? 

Timing in business, like most things in life, is key. That’s why we’re highlighting three indicators that you should consider outsourcing your recruitment.  

Here’s when to evaluate your recruitment options: 

1. Your Business is Growing Rapidly 

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One of the most common signs that you need to rethink your recruitment strategy is when your business starts to grow at a pace that you can no longer manage recruitment on your own.  

Rapid growth is a positive indicator of success, but it also means increased demands on your time and resources. 

Often businesses aren’t in the position to employ their own in-house recruitment department. At this point three things can happen: 

  • Businesses will instruct a recruitment agency, which will charge hefty percentage placement fees and aren’t a feasible long-term option.  
  • You try to juggle recruitment as one of your many spinning plates as a business owner. Which as we all know, means at least one of those plates will drop.  
  • You assign recruitment activity to another member of the team, pulling them away from their duties and creating a gap elsewhere. In most cases, this member of the team won’t have recruitment experience and won’t be aware of best practice or legislation.  

2. Your HR Team is Overstretched 

Your HR team play a critical role in managing your workforce, which is why many business owners see their role as recruitment too. Our mantra here at The Outsourced Recruitment Company is that recruitment isn’t HR, it’s marketing.  

Adding recruitment duties to a People or HR team can stretch them too thin, leading to a lack of time to focus on key employment relations duties and potential mistakes. 

Outsourcing your recruitment allows HR professionals to focus on their core responsibilities, ensuring that your current employees receive the attention and support they need, while the recruitment process is handled by dedicated specialists. 

3. You Need to Scale Up Quickly 

Winning a large new contract or starting a project should be a time for celebration – not a time to dread due to issues with recruiting new staff.  

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A sudden surge in workload due to a new project, contract, or seasonal demand, means that you need to scale up your workforce quickly and efficiently. Handling a large volume of hires in a short time frame can be daunting, especially if you don’t have the infrastructure in place.  

Outsourcing your recruitment can help you meet these urgent needs by instantly connecting you to a team of specialists with access to an ATS to manage your recruitment, job boards and up-to-date knowledge.  

Outsourced recruitment works well for periods of scale up for the following reasons: 

  • Our team can scale up or down depends on your needs without impacting your in-house resources.  
  • If you know this large volume of recruitment is for a set period, such as 6 or 12 months, you can choose to sign up for that period only. Returning to your usual set up once the volume recruitment has been efficiently managed.  
  • You don’t need to sign up for expensive software or job board subscriptions that you don’t need a long-term basis.  

Still evaluating your options? Here are some of the benefits of outsourcing recruitment 

Outsourcing your recruitment offers numerous benefits that can help your business thrive: 

Access to Expertise 

With years of experience in recruitment and across a number of industries, you have access to a team of experts in their field.  

Time and Cost Savings 

By outsourcing, you can save valuable time and reduce costs associated with the recruitment process. We handle everything from advert writing, job postings, candidate screenings, interviews and negotiations, allowing you to focus on your core business activities. 


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Outsourced recruitment teams can quickly adapt to your changing needs, whether you need to hire a few employees or a large team. This flexibility ensures that you can meet your staffing requirements without delay or adding staff to your payroll.  

Enhance your employer brand 

With a dedicated, experienced employer brand specialist in our team, we offer so much more than just hiring staff. Working with your team, we build a tailored strategy, providing expert advice on how to manage and develop your employer brand.  

Want to know more about your recruitment options? 

Evaluating your recruitment options and knowing when to outsource can make a significant difference in your business’s success. If your business is experiencing rapid growth, your HR team is overstretched, or you need to scale up quickly, outsourcing your recruitment could be the strategic move you need. 

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