Adopting a more strategic approach to talent acquisition

Strategic approach to recruitment

A recent report from LinkedIn on the future of recruiting identified that 87% of recruitment professionals say that talent acquisition has become a more strategic function over the last year. This has prompted us to think about how recruiting is driving business strategy in 2023.

What should you be doing to set up your company for success?

Your recruitment strategy should be aligned to your business objectives by mapping out clearly how you will identify, attract and retain the top talent that will make the difference in reaching your goals.

Recruitment can sometimes seem like a knee-jerk response in terms of frantically seeking to fill roles. A more strategic approach to talent acquisition will analyse your specific requirements and skills gaps whilst incorporating key areas like headcount planning for future growth, developing a sourcing strategy, whilst agreeing realistic budgets based on achievable deliverables that are easy to communicate.

Data-driven approach facilitates intelligent decision-making

Leveraging data is a real game changer in terms of enabling you to take informed decisions based on hard facts. There are numerous data sets, research studies and surveys that provide invaluable insights that can shape your recruitment strategy and influence key internal stakeholders.

It’s critical to stay updated on current and future recruitment trends across your specific sector or industry – and this includes analysis around areas like hiring demand and job market insights.

It’s important to remember the quality of the data is what really matters when it comes to influencing your strategic decision making.

Recruitment strategy

Employer branding as a cornerstone of your talent acquisition strategy

When it comes to strategy, a big area that’s often overlooked is your employer branding. Frankly, without a strong employer brand, your entire recruitment strategy may well fall short. As you seek to scale, your employer brand can do a lot of the heavy lifting in attracting top talent to your firm.

Job seekers gravitate towards businesses with a reputation for being a great place to work, so it’s critical your employer brand is authentic and resonates with your ideal candidate profile. Your reputation becomes increasingly important when it comes to trying to dislodge passive candidates not actively seeking a career move.

Reframing your thinking around your recruitment strategy

There’s no doubt that the jobs market remains tough right now in terms of attracting the best talent. So, maybe it’s time to think more strategically about how to generate the hiring breakthroughs that will take your business to the next level?

A good starting point is our Buyer’s Guide or why not just give us a call. We’ll quickly tell you whether we think we can help you or not.

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Laura O’Driscoll: Founder & Managing Director, The Outsourced Recruitment Company

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