When deciding which recruitment agency or recruitment specialists are best for you, you should know the agency that you’re going to hire. Conduct thorough research about them, looking at their history, reputation as well as how long they’ve been active. All of these factors will help you figure out whether the agency or recruiters are right for you.

Different recruitment agencies will tend to have very different approaches to finding candidates. Be sure to find out how they approach finding candidates as this will help you figure out whether the agency or recruitment service provider you’re speaking to shares your values.

Needless to say that any agency you choose to work with should have a good amount of experience before you decide to work with them. Ensure that the agency or recruitment specialists you hire have enough experience for you to rely on them to fill the position.

Some recruitment agencies have tailored industry knowledge and are considered experts in their field, if you have niche roles to fill then search for an agency that has the most experience in your specific industry. A recruitment agency specialising in providing skilled accountants and finance professionals would be ideal if you are part of an accounting firm.

Here at The Outsourced Recruitment Company, we are experts in recruiting and our successes to date prove that some recruitment service providers, such as ourselves, are suitable for all industries. Most recently we have left our mark on Green Tech Recruitment, Engineering and Manufacturing Recruitment and Recruitment in Media.

Communicate with your recruitment provider or agency, and let them know exactly what you’re looking for in a potential candidate. Never give vague requirements and be as precise as possible on the nitty-gritty of what you’re looking for in a candidate. Any good recruitment team will do their best to meet your requests and be led by your specifications. However, culture fit is an important step of recruitment and it’s important not to choose an agency that is working to simply fill a role as quickly as possible, and get paid. This is why The Outsourced Recruitment Company are considered recruitment service providers and not an agency because we know the cost of a bad hire, and would rather match the right role to the right person.

We aren’t a recruitment agency, instead we act as your in-house recruitment team, ensuring we find qualified, high-quality candidates for your organisation. If you are an employer, be sure to check out our employment solutions to learn how we can help with your in-house recruitment.

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