The Outsourced Recruitment Company’s mission is to provide better outsourced staffing and employment solutions for both clients and candidates. The traditional business model of high-cost percentage placement fees has given way to some poor behaviours over the years; clients and candidates were crying out for change, looking for alternatives to job agencies.  

We’re here to help you navigate the job market and find your perfect career. It’s our mission to change the way you feel about job searching. For us, it’s not just about finding someone any old job – through our blogs, social channels and events, we hope to guide job seekers to find the right career where they feel valued, empowered and able to grow. We will ensure you have all the tools you need to find the job you deserve even if we don’t have that job for you, right now. We know our clients really well and will be able to tell you everything you need to know about your potential new employer. 

To succeed at this mission, we have a host of unique recruitment services. We have a subscription service where, for a subscription we deal with all your recruitment needs. Essentially, we act as your very own on-demand talent acquisition team – so it’s also a bit like ‘plug and play’ in that we seamlessly run your recruitment activities, either as an extension of your in-house team or as an outsourced alternative. Once we’ve worked out your specific requirements and the number of vacancies that need filling, we agree on a straightforward, fixed monthly fee where there are no hidden surprises. For instance, when we place a candidate there are no so-called ‘success fees’ on top of your monthly retainer to worry about. In times gone by, the only alternative would be to outsource to a recruitment agency. Commit yourself to paying a high recruitment fee and hope it works out for the best as a one-off transaction. 

We are highly experienced in recruitment project management. If you want to build your own in-house recruitment function, improve one that is existing, implement a growth project or want to bring in an applicant tracking system to support a current activity and need some support, this is where we come into our element. With experience across several challenging, complex and high-profile recruitment projects spanning a range of industries in both public and private sectors, we can deliver for you. It is always best for us to be involved early and we are happy to come out and chat with you at the beginning, free of charge to discuss areas you may wish to consider before your project commences and see how we can best support you. If you have ongoing recruitment needs (open vacancies) we can take care of this for you too whilst we build your recruitment infrastructure. 

All of our recruitment services are based off our outsourced vacancy management approach. Our Outsourced Vacancy Management service allows you to purchase 3 months of our services to use as you need across an 18-month period. Think Recruitment on Subscription for those who need more flex or have fewer recruitment requirements. You simply purchase 3 months’ worth of our time and can pause whole months as you need, so you can stop and start as required. This service does not include our Employer Branding Services or Careers Site as they require longer terms of partnership and commitment. So if you want to experience the benefits of having your own in-house team but want more flex to switch us on and off as required – then this is the solution for you! 

For more information on any of our services, please get in touch with us – we’d love to hear from you!