Meet the Team: Ellie

Our Meet the Team series continues and next up, it’s Ellie… 

Despite only joining us in May 2021, Ellie is an integral part of the The Outsourced Recruitment Company team. She has really excelled in her role and has supported some large hiring projects.  

Ellie is always one of the first to put herself forward and offer support, taking advantage of every opportunity to grow her knowledge. 

A ball of energy, Ellie never fails to make us laugh and smile – every business needs an Ellie!

Name: Ellie Roach  

Job title: Administrator  

When did you start at The Outsourced Recruitment Company and what attracted you to the role?  

I joined the The Outsourced Recruitment Company team in May 2022.  

What I liked most about the role was the way the company presented itself and how the job advert didn’t just include your list of duties but how exciting the workplace is, the way The Outsourced Recruitment Company look after their staff, the opportunities and their values. It was a team that I knew I really wanted to join.  

Outside of your role, what other things do you enjoy about work?  

One thousand percent the people! My colleagues are amazing, I have formed great working relationships with them as well as friendships. The team at OD are fully supportive of each other. You’re valued not only for the work you do but for the person you are, which is very rare in a workplace. 

I have learnt a lot from the clients we work with. Whether that be their processes or just the general working life of their business. I have grown in confidence so much in my first few months here, and I look forward to what else it brings! 

Can you describe your work ethic and how do you apply this in your role? 

My work ethic revolves around being supportive to my colleagues, respectful to my clients, punctual and well organised – as they are key. I also believe that every individual should feel at ease and able to be themselves in a workplace, when this is available your work performance is a lot better. 

Outside of the workplace, what are we most likely to find you doing? 

I enjoy spending time with my furry friend Teddy, who loves long walks. I also like to spend time with my family and friends.  

Tell us something interesting about you 

I am trained in Makaton and British Sign Language and can sign all the words to at least 5 different songs.

Finally, as animals are a big part of our lives at The Outsourced Recruitment Company, what’s your spirit animal and why? 

My spirit animal is the deer. The deer is a sensitive creature but shows determination in tasks and considers a gentle approach when dealing with situations, which pretty much sums me up.

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