Different Types of Recruiters and How They Can Help Your Business

Types of Recruiters

We understand that the different types of terms to describe recruiters and their services can be confusing.

To help make this clear and to highlight the different kinds of recruiters you may speak with, here’s a little breakdown of a few different types:

Different Types of Recruiters – Agency/ Rec2Rec

Agency recruiters or Rec2Rec (Recruitment to Recruitment) are employed and paid by a recruitment agency.

In this role, recruiters are enlisted to find candidates and hire roles for external companies. They receive a base salary and earn commission on every role filled with one of their candidates.

Commission is often uncapped and increases in % with the fees they bill, based on a number of metrics and or targets.

Agency recruiters focus on finding candidates for the role they are given by an external company.

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Different Types of Recruiters – In-house and Talent Acquisition

In-house recruiters or talent acquisition specialists embed into a company’s internal HR function. In roles of this nature, recruiters are employed, paid by their employer and only work for them.

Their goal is to hire roles for the company which tend to be at varying levels and across different functions.

In this role, in-house recruiters will often support in other areas, for example; recruitment strategies, DE&I initiatives, outreach activities and employer brand, to name a few.

Generally, in-house recruiters or talent acquisition specialists/managers are normally paid a higher salary, with no commission. They may be able to earn more through a performance-based bonus if this is something their employer offers.

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Different Types of Recruiters – Managed Service Provider (MSP) or Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Although, recruiters working in RPO or MSP are employed and paid by their employer, they embed within a specific external company (or companies) to manage their recruitment services.

They act as an in-house recruiter for the company/companies they represent and provide efficiency and flexibility to the recruitment process.

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The RPO recruitment model benefits employers and HR professionals as it relieves them of administrative burdens and delivers a seamless, high-touch experience for candidates.  

Some of the other benefits are: 

  • Reduced recruitment costs 
    Due to its scalability, among other factors, RPO may lead to hard and soft cost savings that multiply at a similar percentage each year. 
  • Compliance support 
    RPO providers who can keep pace with changing regulations may build automated compliance support into all stages of recruitment. 
  • State-of-the-art technology 
    Some RPO providers supply an ATS or can support their client’s existing technology so they can track candidate statuses, improve communication between employers and applicants, and deliver a positive hiring experience. 
  • Faster time to fill 
    The right RPO provider will identify barriers, tweak processes and ensure accountability so that positions fill faster. 
  • Decreased turnover 
    When hiring and onboarding processes are consistent and streamlined, new employees tend to be more engaged and less likely to leave the organisation.
  • Diversified talent pools 
    RPO providers may have established partnerships with diverse organisations, networks and colleges that can help employers attract underrepresented talent. 
  • Advanced analytics 
    Real-time data and benchmarks, both of which are generally available with RPO, can help guide an employer’s recruitment tactics. 

This is the model that we use here at The Outsourced Recruitment Company. As part of our Recruitment on Subscription service, we also build you a tailored strategy for your employer brand, while supporting you to enhance and manage it.  

Additionally, we can also support with projects, such as apprenticeships or internships.  

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