Pros and Cons of using AI to apply for jobs

With technology advancing every day, there’s no escaping the use of AI, but should you use it to apply for jobs?  

People are always looking for something to help them complete a task quickly, but is job seeking an area you should be rushing?  

An AI tool for job seekers recently hit the headlines, with a user claiming he used AI to apply for 5,000 jobs, resulting in 20 invitations to interview. 

With this being a hot topic, we thought we would help to weigh up the pros and cons to save you a job!  

Pros of using AI to apply for jobs 

AI saves you time 

There’s no denying that applying for jobs using this AI tool will save you time compared to applying manually.  

According to the site, you upload your CV enter details about yourself and the types of roles you’re interested in. From that point on, the tool gets to work scanning job adverts and applying for those that match your criteria.  

One of the reviewers on the site claimed they sat and watched Netflix while the tool sent out 150 applications a day.  

Apply in bulk 

Linking in nicely with the time saved, AI tools allow you to apply for jobs in bulk, rather than one-by-one.  

This site works on a plan basis, with the users selecting which level of plan they wish to sign up to. The most basic package states that the daily limit of applications is 150. The ‘unlimited’ plan does exactly what is says on the tin, offering an uncapped limit on the jobs you can apply for. 

Can you imagine applying for hundreds of jobs manually? We can see why the idea of getting technology to do it is appealing to some.  

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Stress relief 

Job hunting can be pretty stressful, especially if you have been in the unfortunate position of being made redundant or have lost your job. 

With a sense of pressure to find something, AI tools can take the emotion out of job hunting. By leaving the software to do it for you, it can help to relieve some of the stress.  

Cons of using AI to apply for jobs 

It isn’t free… 

Unlike some AI tools, this site used for job hunting isn’t free. The basic plan has a one-off fee of $99 (about £78 with the current exchange rate). With the unlimited plan costing $249 (currently £197).  

However, if you are out of work unexpectedly or have been job seeking for some time, you’re less likely to have spare cash. Especially when the alternative of applying manually is free! 

Restrictions on where you can apply 

According to reviews and articles, you can apply for hundreds of available jobs that suit your requirements. Possibly thousands depending on how long you’re looking and if you’re open to relocating.

But there is a catch, for the AI tool to work, it can only apply to roles which are added to sites with an easy apply option.

With the basic package you are limited to LinkedIn and Indeed. The list of available sites increases if you are willing to pay for a premium or unlimited package.  

We’ve seen a number of companies not using the LinkedIn job function, instead sharing a link in a post. AI tools won’t scrape this, so you could miss out on your dream job.  

You can’t tailor your CV

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It’s common practice to tailor your CV and covering letter to suit the role you’re applying for. It’s likely that some things will be more relevant or need highlighting to showcase a particular skill, achievement or your values.  

When using an AI tool, you have no control over this element. The basic package allows you to upload one CV, but the more enhanced packages allow for more. This still isn’t enough to cover the number of roles it will apply for on your behalf.  

Using AI to apply for jobs – our thoughts 

At the end of the day, it’s down to each individual to weigh up the pros and cons of using AI when job seeking.  

As champions of employer brand, companies are working hard to showcase what they are like as an employer. Companies are particularly interested in speaking with candidates who are a good-fit and match their values, as well as possessing the skills they require for the role.  

We always recommend researching the companies you’re applying to and tailoring your CV and cover letter to suit. 

If you’re a job seeker reading this post, why visit our current vacancies page.