What is Values-based Recruiting?

Values-based Recruiting – What is it and why could it be the future of hiring?

Author: Kim Draper

Values-based recruiting is an approach used to attract job seekers based on their personal values.  

Something that has become more apparent in the past decade is sustainable practices and care for the environment. This can be a driver for many job seekers who are looking to make a difference in their career, or are looking for a role that minimises their environmental impact.  

Another thing to note is the the global pandemic. Which was also another motivator for people looking to achieve more of a work-life balance and actively seeking out employers who value this.  

Values-based recruiting, what is it and why it's the future

Values-based recruitment will only work if you are effectively managing your employer brand. As part of this, you need to clearly demonstrate what your company values are and how you have embedded this into your company culture.  

Values-based recruiting can run throughout the hiring process, with some employers including specific questions at screening or interview stage to determine a candidates’ personal values.  

Some companies may choose to recruit solely on values, whereas others will take a different approach based on a mix of values and skills. Google is known for this: 

“If we hire you based on your skills, we’ll get a skilled employee. If we hire you based on your skills, and your enduring passions, and your distinct experiences and perspectives, we’ll get a Googler. That’s what we want.” 


Why could value-based recruiting be the future of hiring?  

LinkedIn has recognised this growing recruitment trend. They recently announced a new feature which will help job seekers search for companies that align with their values.  

The feature will include a filter, which will allow job hunters to narrow down their job search by company values. The filter will include equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI), career growth, social impact, work-life balance and environmental sustainability.   

The roll out of this came after a 154% increase in entry-level jobs highlighting culture and values over the past two years.  

Another indicator in the shift towards value-based recruitment will be the change in the future of the workforce.

In two years, Gen Z will account for over a quarter (27%) of the workforce. The increase in this socially conscious generation of workforce will help to push the shift to values-based recruitment. 80% of surveyed Gen Z employees are looking to work for companies whose values better align with their own.  

Our clients, Matter, who have strong values in creating a more sustainable future, have already adopted this approach. As a result, candidates values are taken into account when interviewing to ensure that their values align

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