Introducing The Outsourced Recruitment Company

Outsourced Recruitment

It’s official, the news is out, we are now The Outsourced Recruitment Company.

The Outsourced Recruitment Company – So much more than an exciting new look

People have asked what prompted our rebrand as we reposition ourselves as The Outsourced Recruitment Company so, it’s probably worth exploring some of the drivers that influenced our decision.

One big factor has been around clarity in that there was an element of confusion surrounding the business model that we have refined over the last few years. People were aware we did things a bit differently to the traditional agency model but sometimes struggled to pinpoint our USP.

The wood stain brand Ronseal is famously known for the slogan “Does exactly what it says on the tin“, so there’s an element of us wanting to set out what we’re all about clearly and unequivocally in our own way. This is more than just freshening things up.

What is recruitment outsourcing?

In a nutshell, recruitment outsourcing is where a company transfers all or part of its recruitment to an external partner. This partner acts as an extension of their talent acquisition function (if they have one in-house) or as an alternative if they don’t yet have specialist recruiters on the payroll (think founder-led start-ups and smaller SMEs where it can be cost prohibitive).

The best analogy is Managed Service Providers (‘MSPs’) where it’s common for businesses to outsource their I.T. support to a third-party specialist to reduce their overheads. At enterprise level, there has been a shift towards Recruitment Process Outsourcing (or RPO as it’s often referred to) where bigger firms bring in outsourced solutions to manage their end-to-end recruitment processes.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing, RPO statistics

This three-fold growth trajectory is interesting as what we anticipate is a ‘trickle down’ effect where recruitment outsourcing starts to become a real option for more and more SMEs. Full-blown RPO can be too embedded and expensive for most small to medium firms, but new challenger models that adopt many elements of RPO are emerging and we see ourselves at the forefront of this democratisation of recruitment outsourcing. Frankly, we want to grab some of this upside growth.

Our subscription-based approach to outsourced recruitment is all about working in partnership with our clients. If, like many firms right now, attracting top talent is a struggle then it’s worth exploring a more strategic approach to recruitment. A good starting point is our Buyer’s Guide, which has been designed to help the various decision makers (owners, CEOs, CFOs and HR leaders) navigate the choices available. Alternatively, just give us a call and we’ll tell you whether we can help you or not.

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