Recruitment Agencies Advantages and Disadvantages

The list of recruitment agencies advantages and disadvantages is extensive, so we’ve put together a few of the most important ones.  

Advantages of recruitment agencies

Recruiters bridge the initial communication between the applicant and employer. A recruitment agency communicates with both employers and job seekers. They find out what job vacancies are available, and who is best to fill them. They provide support to the candidates as well as the clients too.

Provides a helping hand

As a candidate, you will receive feedback on your application and how to improve yourself. The recruitment agency wants you to succeed. They’ll always help with whatever queries you may have.

Whether it’s about your CV or interview questions, your recruiter will be there to guide you. Recruiters are the first port of call for employers to contact if they need to fill a quick and temporary position. Agencies can also guide employers through the hiring process, sourcing potential candidates to fill available roles.

Speedy recruitment process

The recruiter can help write up the job description and do all the leg work involved in getting the initial applicant pool. They can filter out all of the unqualified candidates that apply for a position, saving you a lot of time – the employer can end up with a list of pre-screened candidates with minimal work.

Since matching applicants with employers is a recruiter’s entire job, they’re able to devote the time and get applicants in place quickly, meaning you’ll be able to fill the position faster. They can handle reference checks for you. Some agencies will handle negotiations for you as well.

Recruitment expertise

Recruiters are typically well-versed in their respective industry and can identify and connect with a larger group of candidates. Most recruitment agencies often have an existing pool of applicants already looking for a job. A recruiter may also have the connections to be able to find suitable candidates who were not even looking for a job but who are a perfect match for the position but would not have otherwise known about it.

Essentially, they act as a middleman for the employee’s probationary period, which can alleviate a lot of paperwork for you and reduce the risk of the new hire not working out. The risk is reduced because you will bear fewer costs and administrative burden if the employee leaves. This can also save money in the short term, as the new hires will not yet be eligible for benefits.

Disadvantages of recruitment agencies


It costs money to work with a recruitment agency. The cost varies depending on the salary and type of recruitment strategy required. For a permanent role, recruitment agencies charge a percentage of the annual salary.

Limited Advertising

If you hire a recruitment agency to work a role, they won’t advertise your brand fully. You need to rely on the recruiter to present your business in the right way. The second-hand information needs to be accurate to ensure cultural fit.

The applicant won’t completely understand your company, and so won’t know whether they’re the best fit for the team. It may also be difficult for recruitment agencies to ensure their candidates fit in your company culture.


One of the main reasons recruiters have a bad reputation is because of their lack of communication with applicants. As it’s the employer who pays the recruitment agencies, some recruiters are so focused on achieving sales, they forget to provide a great candidate experience.

A good recruitment agency should always communicate with the client throughout the recruitment process. They should keep them updated on how many applications they have received and when they expect to make a decision. If they don’t hear back from the client within a reasonable timeframe, they should let them know why.

How we can help

At The Outsourced Recruitment Company, we act as your own in-house recruitment team, ensuring we find qualified, high-quality candidates for your organisation.

Outsourced recruitment partners, like ourselves, embed within your own team. We are different to recruitment agencies, meaning that you won’t pay a percentage placement fee. We pride ourselves on candidate experience and giving everyone feedback.

Alongside your recruitment activities, we’ll also work with you on your employer brand.

If you are an employer, be sure to check out our employment solutions to learn how we can help with your in-house recruitment.

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